“Clothes are never a frivolity: they always mean something.”– James Laver

In good old days traditional varsity jackets were worn only by athletes who excelled in sports. It was an honor not meant for anyone and everyone, you needed to earn those jackets. However, things have changed since then and varsity jackets are now an outerwear, which have become a dress of choice for men not just in the US, but across the world.
However, sports or no sports, varsity jackets are now considered a must-have for men of all ages. From kids, teenagers to young and not so old – these jackets have now become a style statement for one and all, especially men of substance.


While the sleeves of a traditional varsity jacket is made of cow leather, the body is done up with boiled wool having hooped waist and wristband and not to forget the coveted letter or emblem on the left side of the chest.
But, the present day designers have given the varsity jackets a fresh look and feel making these form of outerwear an absolute essential for the wardrobe of each American man. With different cuts, fabrics and designs contemporary designers have successfully given varsity jackets an image makeover, turning them into a fashion wear instead of its regular boxy appearance.


The clothes you wear and the way you dress speaks volume on your personality. A varsity jacket is a dress which you can wear on all, well almost all the occasions. Here are some ways you can flaunt your varsity jacket:

  • 1. Sportswear – This is what men’s varsity jackets were intended to become – a sportswear. And, who can deny you this hall of fame. Wear your varsity jacket with a light blue jeans a sweatshirt and a pair of matching joggers.
  • 2. Casual wear – Be it the summers or winters, you can always put on your varsity jacket and make a style statement. A pair of blue denims and a t-shirt or an informal shirt along with a sneaker or a boat can perk-up your style quotient a fair bit.
  • 3. Semi – formal wear – Semi-formal wear is an important dressing style for men. There are significant occasions in your life where you need to select your clothes sensibly. A varsity jacket coupled with chinos and a plain light colored shirt with loafers is a perfect fit for all such events.
  • 4. Smart-casual wear – Dressing up smartly is every man’s ultimate desire. And, with a varsity jacket you can do just that – look smart. Put on your varsity jacket with a t-shirt and light colored chinos along with a pair of chukka boots to look a stunning you.

Whether you are in school, college, university or doing a job, a varsity jacket is a must have in your wardrobe if you are born a man. Visit the site of Caliber Apparels for a wide variety of varsity jackets and select one that suits your dressing style.
And, if you are a retailer and you need varsity jackets in bulk, search no further, as we have the wherewithal to supply you as much as you want.
At Caliber Apparels, we believe in delivering high quality at affordable prices, be it one single piece or an order in bulk.
All because your clothes mean more than something to you!

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