We all want to look great and to make it a reality you need to wear clothes that help you stand out in the crowd. That is why people all over the world select their outerwear with a lot of caution. Fashions come and go, but varsity jacket is one outerwear that has stood the test of times for centuries together, not just in the USA, but all across the globe. And, if you get a chance to design your varsity jacket yourself, it is a dream come true for many of us fashion lovers.

It is not for nothing that varsity jackets are so popular in America. Varsity jacket has a special place in the heart and minds of people in the United States of America. After all, the history of varsity jacket dates back to the mid-19th century when the students at the Harvard University decided to honor their star players during a baseball match. The players were given a lettered jacket to wear on the field, which distinguished them from others and increased their importance, both on and off the field.

After all, when it comes to varsity jackets, they have remained a prized possession for a pretty long time, and if the craze is any indication, the trend is set to continue for centuries to come.


There are many advantages if you get a chance to design your varsity jacket or design letterman jacket on your own. But, to design a perfect varsity jacket, you need to get in touch with an experienced and professional manufacturer. Though there are many varsity jacket manufacturers out there in the market, not all can guarantee you top quality, cent percent customization, attractive design, and fair price.

Welcome to the world of Caliber Apparels, a varsity jacket manufacturer that allows you to design your varsity jacket the way you want to sport it.

Caliber Apparels has been manufacturing and supplying high-quality varsity jackets/ letterman jackets to clients all across the USA.c

When you design your varsity jacket or design letterman jacket yourself, you get the opportunity to fully customize the outerwear the way you want to wear it. It means you can try out any unique style that you have wished to wear.

Also, when you design your varsity jacket, you can get a perfect fitting, one that you have always wanted to wear.

You also have the option of selecting the color combination you have always wanted to display.

Further, you can select the material of the jacket as well. You can also opt for the color and pattern of the rib knit per your choice.

Last but not the least, when you design your varsity jacket, you can opt for a logo, emblem, number, or patch of your choice.


Caliber Apparels has been manufacturing varsity jackets for a pretty long time now, and we know what it takes to consistently deliver high-quality jackets. We have state of the art production facilities, professional attitude, and trained workforce that allows us to keep manufacturing top class varsity jackets year on end.

With Caliber Apparels, you don’t ever have to worry about customization. You can design your varsity jacket to the last thread. From patches and logo to embroidery and letters, you can customize it the way you want. You can select the fabric, color, and design it per your liking.

When you deal with Caliber Apparels, you can rest assured that the prices that you have to pay do not pinch your pocket. Our prices are not just competitive, but they are comparable to the best in the industry.

If you want to design your varsity jacket or design letterman jacket, just get in touch with Caliber Apparels now. We will make sure that you get your money’s wort

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