The clothes we pick up to wear goes on to define our personality. That is why we tend to select our attires with a lot of caution. And, people living in this part of the world, namely the USA are no different. It is true that Americans are particular when it comes to picking up outerwear, more so if it is a varsity jacket. But, to offer the best varsity jacket in the USA to your customers, you need to pick up a reputed varsity jacket manufacturer. It is true that there are many varsity jacket manufacturers out there in the market, and that is the reason picking up the best in business becomes difficult.


Selecting a reliable and reputed varsity jacket manufacturer is a difficult job alright, but it surely is not an impossible task. You should start your search by spending sometime on the internet. If you diligently work your way through on the internet, you are certainly going to find the best varsity jacket manufacturer.


Welcome to world of Caliber Apparels. We are a varsity jacket manufacturer supplying high-quality and stylish varsities to various institutions and individuals in the USA. Our clients include various reputed high schools, colleges, and clubs across America.

The varsity jacket manufacturer you select should have adequate experience, state of the art production facility, and expert designers. The company should also be able to customize the varsities the way you want to wear them. And, last but not the least, their pricing has to be competitive.


Experience and exposure are the two main factors that you should consider before finalizing a varsity jacket manufacturer. Caliber Apparels has the required experience in the varsity jacket manufacturing industry, and our exposure in the varsity market in the USA sets us apart from our competitors.

We have state of the art manufacturing facility, which gives us the edge to produce high-quality varsities.

Caliber Apparels is known to hire the best available talent in the market for designing varsity jackets. Our professional, trained, and expert designers have consistently been delivering exquisite designs for people across all age segments.

At Caliber Apparels, we take pride in informing our customers that we can customize the varsity jacket to the last thread. And, we deliver on our promises, a claim which can be verified by our existing customers. Our prices are not just competitive, but it matches the best in the industry. We offer attractive bulk discount to all our customers.

If varsity jacket manufacturer is what you are looking for, then just get in touch with Caliber Apparels now.

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