Jackets by far remains the most sought after outer wear for people not just in America, but all across the world. Two things that bother most individuals when it comes to wearing a jacket is its quality and type. No wonder then that when it comes to outer wear like varsity and letterman jackets, the craze moves a few notches up.

Whether you sell varsity, letterman and/ or leather jackets, or you need any of them for your high school, college or university team members, one thing that should trouble you is the amount you end up paying when you purchase the jackets in bulk.

At Caliber Apparels we believe in following the policy of keeping the interest of our customers over and above everything. And, that is the reason why we offer attractive group discounts on the varsity and letterman jackets that you buy from us.

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When you buy varsity, letterman or leather jackets from Caliber Apparels, we offer an attractive discount structure, which we refer to as group discount. In order to avail the group discount your order should be for a minimum number of six jackets. And, as you increase the number of pieces, your overall group discount increases in value. In a nutshell, the more you buy from us, the more you stand to gain in terms of money.


Apart from the group discounts, one thing that you can be sure of is the quality of the jackets that you order from us. Whether you order varsity, letterman, leather, or any other type of jacket, you can rest assure that we would never compromise on the quality front. With the state of the art manufacturing facilities and expert designers, Caliber Apparels has the ability to deliver on quality and also offer lucrative group discounts.

Another advantage that you have when you are dealing with Caliber Apparels is the customization aspect of the jackets. We can customize your jacket to the last thread. From varsity jackets and letterman jackets to any other type of jackets, we have the capability to customize your jackets the way you want to wear them.

Hence, if you are planning to buy varsity, letterman, leather or any other type of jacket with a threefold benefit, then contact Caliber Apparels now. And, these benefits include assured high quality of jackets, customization as per your requirements and also attractive group discounts.

If your requirement is 6 or more jackets, you qualify to get group discount from Caliber Apparels. And, it doesn’t stop at this, the more you order, the more attractive the group discount becomes.

Place your order at and get lucrative group discounts on your purchase.

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