As the history of varsity jackets tell us, it is an attire, which is worn by students and team members who earn it, they don’t get it on a platter. Varsity jackets are mainly worn by American high school students and members of college and university teams who achieve excellence in the field of sports or education. Though, these jackets have now become a style statement in the US and everyone loves to wear them, but generally there is a pride attached to these jackets, which is given to an individual only on merit.


With the growing competition in the garment manufacturing industry, you will find suppliers in abundance who are ready to take your order and supply the varsities to your team members. But, selecting a varsity jacket supplier needs careful consideration at your end. You have to keep in mind a few things, which would ensure that you get a lucrative deal, both in terms of quality and customization, and that too at prices that matches the best in the industry.

When high schools and college and university teams start searching for a supplier who can supply them the varsities they want, one thing that they need to look out for is the experience and exposure of the company they are engaging with. A couple of things more which team owners and high school management committee needs to keep in mind. First, the company you are planning to hire for manufacturing the varsity jackets should have state of the art manufacturing facility. And second, they should be in position to customize your jacket to the extent you want, without creating any hassle.


But, the most important thing you need to look for when it comes to purchasing varsity jackets is getting them on the wholesale rates. There are several benefits why you need to plan your purchase and buy varsity jackets at wholesale prices.

You pay less – When you order in bulk, you always get a discounted rate, which is lower than what you pay at retail outlets. Shortlist a few varsity jacket suppliers and ask each of them to quote their prices, all of them would be more than happy to provide you a free quote. You can save a lot of your money by buying the varsities in bulk at wholesale prices.

Customize it the way you want it – When you order in bulk you get a chance to customize your varsity jackets the way you want it. Any supplier worth its name would allow you to customize your varsities according to your requirements, hassle free of course.

You get to select everything – From color to shape, sizes and embroideries, you have the option to choose anything that you have in mind and want it translated on your varsity jackets. You would never have this option if you buy it from retail outlets. Make it different, personalize your varsities to the extent you want, no questions asked.

You are assured of the quality – When you hire a professional varsity jacket supplier, one thing that you are assured of is the quality of the varsities you get for your team members.

You also save money on shipping – When you buy varsity jackets in bulk, you also save a lot of money on the shipping costs. Hence, your total saving in terms of money is substantial.

If you are a high school in the USA, and looking for wholesale varsity jackets supplier of repute, just get in touch with Caliber Apparels. Or, if you want varsities for members of your sports team, contact us to get the most lucrative deal on varsity jackets.

We have the state of the art manufacturing unit, and we have been supplying the varsities to high schools and college/ university sports teams for a pretty long time across America. We have a satisfied client base that can vouch for the quality we supply, competitive prices that we offer, and the customization we provide.

Caliber Apparels is a trusted name in the clothing industry across America, and high schools and sports teams have continuously reposed their faith in our abilities to produce high quality, affordable and customizable varsity jackets.

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