We all know that varsity and letterman jackets are outerwear that is in vogue not just in the USA, but all over the world. People of all ages and across segments love to wear this outerwear on occasions ranging from party to office. But, what adds value to your jackets are the chenille patches / chenille patches manufacturer / chenille patches for Varsity jackets / embroidery patches supplier / Designer Embroidered Patches / Chenille patches on varsity jackets. Without these patches, the varsity and letterman jackets are just like any other outerwear.

It is these patches that give your jackets a distinct identity.


The students at the Harvard University in the mid-19th century conceptualized the idea of letterman jackets to honor their star performers. During a baseball match, the students sewed the letter “H” on the center of their uniform to make them stand out in the crowd. The style caught the imagination of everyone, and these jackets soon became a rage all over the world. But, as the history shows us, without the letter “H” the value of the uniform would not have been what it was at that time.

After the evolution of these jackets over the years, now you can get customized patches that display the initial of your name, school, college, university, logo, emblem, or any other designer patch, either one single patch or a combination of any of them.

But, to get high quality patches, you need to hire a reputed chenille patches manufacturer and supplier who can offer extensive variety.

That is the reason you should engage with a company like Caliber Apparels for procuring embroidered patches. We are a company that has adequate experience and exposure in manufacturing and supplying embroidered patches that make your jackets stand out in the crowd.


Patches are of different types and variety, and you need an experienced company like Caliber Apparels to customize them to the last thread. We are capable of designing these patches the way you want it and can produce them in any quantity without compromising on the quality.

When you are dealing with a company like Caliber Apparels, you don’t have to worry about the color and design of these patches. You can select any color and design, and we will make sure that you get what you envision.

With state of the art manufacturing facility, Caliber Apparels has the experience and expertise to design and produce world class chenille/ embroidered patches. Our satisfied customers are a testimony to the fact that we have regularly delivered on our promises of producing high-quality patches.

Whether you want chenille designer patches, letter chenille patch, chenille double felt patch, staggered patches, chenille year patch, double felt letter patches, shades chenille mascot patches or tail patches, you get anything and everything that you can dream of when you are dealing with a company like Caliber Apparels.

Also, there is more variety to select from, namely lettered patches, numbered patches, two digit patches, chenille number patch or flag patch, you have a plethora of options to choose from, or you can ask us to design a new concept for you.

When you are dealing with a company like Caliber Apparels, you don’t have to worry about customization. We can customize your patches to the last thread. You get what you want, no fuss and no questions asked. Also, you can conveniently apply these patches on the fabric and cloth of your choice.

Whenever you set out to buy embroidered patches price is a vital factor that you need to consider. But, when you are dealing with Caliber Apparels, you can rest assured that our prices are not just competitive, they also match the best in the industry.

If chenille patches/ embroidery patches are what you need to buy, then just get in touch with Caliber Apparels now and get the best you deserve.

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