3 Tips To Style A Varsity Jacket

The varsity jacket also known by the name of letterman jacket was something of an item from the thirty’s.  Although this jacket came into the market many years ago it is still considered to be still very popular and trending in fashion.

These light weight varsity jacketsare easy to carry and can be styled to wear for regular days as well as on occasions. Most popular among the youth this jacket is mostly worn by college students. It is very versatile and fashionable so it can be paired up with a selection of item to complete the look

Go for a monochrome jacket

If you are a first-timer for trying up a varsity jacket it will be the safest option to go with a monochromatic colour jacket. As the neutral colour of black and white is easy to pair up with a lot of things and one can never go wrong with these colours.

The monochrome shade light weight varsity jacketscan be paired with any plain solid colour tee of black or grey with a pair of distressed black jean. Complete the look with a pair of white sneakers or black and white sneakers.

Going for a casual look

  • You can always hike your office look with a dual shade varsity jacket. As the jacket is itself a casual one by nature it is better to pair it up with a shirt tie.
  • Also, don’t forget to wear matching trousers so that you can still look office-ready with this outfit.
  • You can even use gold accessories for an even smarter look and wear your leather boots or white canvas as v=both are a smart move.

Go for a street style

This style complements the design of the jacket. Wear your light-weight varsity jacketswith a graphic printed tee with black or blue denim jeans. Also, a basketball cap with sneakers will look both street styles, casual and sporty.

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