School varsity jacket has been in vogue not just in the USA, but all across the world, and there are valid reasons for its popularity. After all, varsity jackets have a link with the history of America. Students at the Harvard University conceptualized the idea of varsity jacket in the mid-19th century to honor the sports stars of their team. The jersey was handed over only to those who were star performers of the team, and players with ordinary performances had to return their jackets after the game. We all know that it is a matter of pride for those who get to wear a school varsity, and that is why the importance we attach to these jackets.


When pride is what is at stake, then you have to make sure that your students, who wear it on the field, wear the best available jackets in the vicinity. But, not all the school varsity jacket manufacturers out there in the market can deliver on high-quality and great design. Hence, when you plan to buy varsities for your students, you have to make sure that you get the best stuff for your kids.


That is when you realize that you need a company like Caliber Apparels, who are known to deliver high-quality jackets to various schools across the length and breadth of America.

Our growing list of schools that buy jackets from us is a testimony to the fact that we have regularly delivered on quality, design, customization, and price.


Our state of the art manufacturing facility, experience, and exposure allows us to keep manufacturing the school jackets (varsity) that are good in quality and design. We also make sure that we source all the raw material of good quality. Our strict quality control measures make sure that you get a jacket that is of high-quality.

Another reason you should come to the fold of Caliber Apparels is the design. We hire the best available talent in the market; our designers work very hard to create designs that soon become a trend in the market.

Customization to the last thread is yet another reason why Caliber Apparels should be preferred over other varsity jacket manufacturers. We can customize your varsity jacket the way you want, without any fuss.

Another vital factor why you should select a company like Caliber Apparels is the price. We have been in the business for long to know that fleecing customers is not a viable option for the success and growth of any organization. We have a competitive pricing policy for all our clients, and our rates match the best in the industry.

If you are planning to buy school varsity jacket, and you don’t want to compromise on the quality and design, then just get in touch with Caliber Apparels now.

We know what it takes to manufacture great varsity jackets.

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