Sports is a competitive arena, and it is difficult to survive at the top most level, no matter which team you represent. From high school teams, colleges and universities to clubs and professional teams, there is immense competition to remain in reckoning for long. Sports people work hard to earn their jerseys. It is therefore imperative that the outerwear you provide to your team members, both on and off the field, should be comfortable, cool, yet trendy. Hence, it is recommended that you offer custom team jackets to your members so that they can keep performing at their optimum level.


Your team members have their separate identities, and when you get custom team jackets for them, you give your mates a reason to unite and perform. Whether it is your football team, baseball, or basketball, or snowboarding teammates, personalized touch always help them perform better.

When you get custom team jackets for your mates, you not only have the option of selecting the fabric, but you also get to personalize it to the extent you want. You can design it yourself, put on the logo you want, choose the color of your jacket, or select an embroidery that you have always wanted, with custom team jackets everything is possible.

But, when you are planning to buy custom team jackets for the members of your team, you should carefully select the supplier. Not every company out there in the market will be able to fulfil your needs.


If you are in the purchase department and the responsibility of procuring custom team jacket lies on your shoulder, then you would know it is not an easy decision to make. There are many things, which you have to keep in mind before finally placing the order. Some of the important points to consider are:

The supplier you are planning to hire should have a professional approach – Once you start engaging with the suppliers, it would not take you long to find out who all have a professional approach. The time that they take to respond to your queries, the way they reply to your questions and the courtesies that they extend to their clients is a clear indication whether they are professional or not.

The supplier should stick to their commitments – This is another important criterion to look for in a supplier you are planning to engage with, and that too on a long term basis. It is difficult dealing with company’s who don’t honor their word. It is always a business of trust, which both parties should try not to breach.

The supplier you hire ought to have state of the art facilities – You can never compromise on the quality, hence ensure that the supplier you hire has state of the art manufacturing facility and expert designers.

Try and find the pricing in advance – Though pricing should never be a limiting factor, yet it is an important yardstick. You need to find out from the supplier the exact charges that you need to pay for your custom team jackets, and everything should be above the table, transparent. You should also know in advance who will bear the shipping cost, and how much discount you would get on the bulk order you intend to place.

How much can you customize your jackets – Last but not the least, the supplier you are planning to hire should allow you to customize your custom team jackets to the extent you want. Suggestions from the supplier’s end should be taken seriously, but they also need to respect your individuality, after all it is the custom team jackets that you are placing your order for.

If you are a team, club or an individual looking for custom team jackets in the USA, just get in touch with Caliber Apparels, a professionally managed company having state of the art manufacturing facility.

Caliber Apparels has satisfied customers all over America, and we only commit what we are able to deliver.

At Caliber Apparels, you can customize your custom team jackets to the extent you want. Of course, our seasoned designers do provide their expert advice, but we believe in a consultative process and we take our clients along in all the major and minor design decisions we make. Also, we offer prices that are not only competitive, but matches the best in the industry.

Hence, if custom team jacket is what you are looking for, visit Calber Apparels now.

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