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Monthly Archives: November 2017

  • The Importance Of Team Uniforms – What You Need To Know
    The importance of team uniforms | Athletic Apparel| Caliber Apparels in USA
    • Posted on November 22, 2017
    • By Admin
    There was no designated team uniform for players in the past. But, in the mid-19th Century, a New York baseball team actually wore a uniform. And, by the end of that century all Major League Baseball teams started wearing a team uniform. However, times have changed; almost every sport now has a uniform of its own. And, the team uniform is not just worn by the players’ alone, even coaches and the support staffs also don the same attire. The popularity of team uniforms has hit a new high now, and even the fans are seen wearing team uniforms these...
  • History of Letterman Jackets USA
    History of the Letterman Jacket - 18th Century Original Varsity Jackets
    • Posted on November 21, 2017
    • By Admin
    Jackets are popular all over the world, and people love to flaunt this favorite outerwear in style. Boys, girls, men and women everyone just loves to put on a jacket, irrespective of the season. But, when it comes to letterman jackets USA, then there is more to it than just fad. Why it is then that letterman jackets have a special place in America. The letterman jacket USA has a glorious and memorable past, a history that is more than 150 years old. A fashion that has its roots firmly entrenched in the 19th Century, letterman jacket is still in...