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History of Letterman Jackets USA

History of Letterman Jackets USA

Jackets are popular all over the world, and people love to flaunt this favorite outerwear in style. Boys, girls, men and women everyone just loves to put on a jacket, irrespective of the season. But, when it comes to letterman jackets USA, then there is more to it than just fad. Why it is then that letterman jackets have a special place in America.

The letterman jacket USA has a glorious and memorable past, a history that is more than 150 years old. A fashion that has its roots firmly entrenched in the 19th Century, letterman jacket is still in vogue like it was in the past because it is a culture unto itself.

Brief history of letterman jackets USA

In the field of sports and academics, letterman jackets have a special place in the hearts and minds of the people of America, especially those in the high schools and colleges. And, it is not for nothing that the Americans feel honored when they get a chance to sport a letterman jacket, more so if teens earn it during their high school and college days.

It was in the year 1865 that the students of the Harvard University during their baseball match decided to sport a team uniform that had a letter ‘H’ sewn on the back of their jerseys. This is how letterman jackets USA came into being, and it has only grown in stature since then. Though at that time the jerseys they sported looked more like a thick knitted sweater, but it eventually evolved into a jacket in the later stages.

The reason for wearing a lettered jacket during a baseball match was fairly simple. They wanted their star players to stand out, both on and off the field.

Letterman jackets became a prized possession because it was given only to the students who performed exceptionally well for a consistent period of time. After about a decade the students at the Harvard University again sported the lettered jacket, but this time around it was their football team. By this time schools and colleges across America started copying their style with some minor changes here and there, and it became an instant hit since then.

Letterman jackets – as we know them now

Letterman jackets have evolved a lot since its time of inception. These days the letter is either sewed or ironed onto the top left side of the jacket. Normally, the initials of the high school or the college you represent is ironed, or embroidered on the front of the jacket. You can also custom design the letter (initials) to represent the sport you wish to convey.

Your name or the owners name is either embroidered in sync with the letter or a chenille patch is used on the jacket to display who owns the jacket. The year you graduate also finds a place in the form of a chenille patch, which most likely is put on the right sleeve of your jacket, but at times you will notice that it is placed on the top of your right pocket. However, schools follow these guidelines according to their traditions, and you will notice some variations on the jackets here and there.

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History of the Letterman Jacket - 18th Century Original Varsity Jackets
  • Posted on November 21, 2017
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