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We make the best custom varsity jackets, a claim our satisfied customers can easily vouch for. We believe in satisfying our customers to the core, and that is the reason why our clients come back to us for all their future varsity purchases. We are fully capable of customizing your varsity team jackets, up to 100%, without compromising on the quality of the product.

Our state of the art infrastructure coupled with experienced craftsmanship and determination to make you stand out of the crowd gives you a jacket that is top on quality and high on design. Our skilled workmanship is capable of delivering embroidered and/ or chenille patches, the way you have always visualized them, a piece of art you would love to possess.

Be it your baseball team, school, club or university, we can make a personalized varsity jacket for you that can put your resolve across and gives you the image you have always wanted to convey. In case you are looking for multiple jackets for your school sports team or university or club, we make top quality custom year 12 leavers varsity team jackets. We, at Caliber Apparels have been supplying customized team varsity jackets to many schools and clubs across America and that too for long. Apart from the quality that you are assured of, you also stand to save a lot of money if your order is in bulk. Bulk orders for varsity jackets always attract substantial discounts from our end.

When you buy from us you are assured of the quality, as we use top quality wool and genuine cowhide leather. Our team varsity jackets are not just affordable, they are also fast, which not only justifies your decision to buy from us, it makes your choice even smarter.

We do provide our expert opinion, but we also value our customer’s suggestions, and together we make a jacket that is top class, which suits all your need. In case you have any query or input, please feel free to get in touch with us at your convenience. When you are placing bulk orders for varsity jackets we also have provision to give you special discounts, just to make the deal sweeter for your school.

Your varsity team jackets would normally have your team name on one side of the front chest, and your team logo on the other side. Though, some teams opt to have their logo on the back side of the jacket (in the middle). We can just about put everything you want on your varsity team jackets, be it the retreat themes or your company motto in the form of an embroidery. Get your varsity team jackets completely customized from us, the way you have always wanted to wear them. Get in touch with Caliber Apparel for the quotes now – the cost and time of delivery.

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