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The Importance Of Team Uniforms – What You Need To Know

The Importance Of Team Uniforms – What You Need To Know

There was no designated team uniform for players in the past. But, in the mid-19th Century, a New York baseball team actually wore a uniform. And, by the end of that century all Major League Baseball teams started wearing a team uniform.

However, times have changed; almost every sport now has a uniform of its own. And, the team uniform is not just worn by the players’ alone, even coaches and the support staffs also don the same attire. The popularity of team uniforms has hit a new high now, and even the fans are seen wearing team uniforms these days.

Being a sports person you probably know the value attached to a team uniform. After all, not everybody gets to wear a team uniform. You first need to earn your place in the squad, and it is then that you are given a jersey. And, of course, the team you represent, be it a high school team, college, university, or a club team, a lot is at stake when you come out on the field to play.

But, have you ever given it a thought why team uniforms are so important, and why it has become mandatory for players going on the field to wear a proper team uniform. Let us take you through some of the main reasons why team uniform these days is considered as an essential component for players all over the world, and in practically every sport.

Reasons why team uniform is essential these days?

It is crucial for the unity of the team – Most of the games that you play in a team like baseball, soccer, basketball etc. require team spirit to play and win a match. And, when everyone in the group wears the same color, jersey and cap, it instills unity among team members, which enhances the confidence of the players and keeps them motivated. This motivation helps you perform better on the field, which in turn leads to the desire to succeed.

It gives your team a separate identity – Team uniform is arguably the best way to separate your teammates from those whom you are playing against, your rivals. You are also able to identify players by their name as the jersey’s they wear carry their name on the back of their uniform. You know where your teammates and rivals are, which gives you a chance to strategize your game in a better way. It also allows your fans in the stadium to keep track of the game.

It makes each sportsperson on and off the field stand on the same platform – When you change into your team’s uniform, you shed your separate identities and transform into one single unit. Whether you are a star, a recent entrant in the team, or a player sitting on the bench, it allows everyone in the team to stand on the same platform. You get a sense of parity, which allows you to play as a unit. This also helps you demonstrate your team spirit on the field. After all, you play, win, or lose a match as a team, and not as an individual.

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  • Posted on November 22, 2017
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