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Why Are Letterman Jackets For Women Still Considered Cool?

Why Are Letterman Jackets For Women Still Considered Cool?

The clothes you wear go on to define your personality. Both men and women are conscious of their looks, but women are known to select their outfits with a lot of caution. No wonder then that women choose their outerwear more carefully. And, letterman jackets for women somehow seem to gel more than any other outerwear.

Fashion and style change with the times. But, one outerwear that has stood the test of time is a letterman jacket. Men and women of all ages and across the globe consider their wardrobe incomplete if they don’t have a letterman jacket to wear, and Americans are not any different. And, it is no wonder that letterman jackets for women have been in vogue since its inception in the mid-19th century.

One reason letterman jackets have become a hit among women is that these are all-purpose outerwear, which adds value to their style.

Letterman jacket history

It was in the mid-19th century that the students at the Harvard University conceptualized the idea of honoring their star players, both on and off the field. During a baseball match in 1865, they sewed the letter ‘H’ on the back side of the school uniform jersey to make their star players stand out.

The idea soon caught the imagination of people, and the trend got repeated after a decade at the same University, but this time around during a football match. Soon after, letterman jackets became a rage not just in America, but all over the world.

Once considered a matter of pride, wearing letterman jackets is now a style statement for both men and women.

Why are letterman jackets for women still considered cool?

Women love to flaunt their style, and lettermen jackets come in different hues, color, and design that makes them so popular among girls. If you are a woman and don’t have a letterman jacket in your wardrobe, it is considered incomplete.

It is a casual wear

A letterman jacket is a perfect outerwear that completes your wardrobe. If you are a woman and want to look cool, you should always have a letterman jacket in your closet. Whether you are planning to go for a road trip with your boyfriend or going for a vacation with your gang to the hilltop, letterman jacket is the perfect outerwear that can fit the bill for all the occasions.

It is also a party wear

A letterman jacket is a perfect fit if you are planning to go to a party. Be it an office party or a barbeque gathering with your friends by the poolside, letterman jacket is what makes you stand out in the crowd.

You can wear it to your office as well

Being a woman, you know it well that you need to look your best when you are in your office. A letterman jacket can pep up your looks, and make you appear smart on all the occasions when you are in office. Whether it is a client meeting or boardroom conference, a letterman jacket is what can make you look your best.

Summers or winters, a letterman jacket is an all-weather outerwear

Women are very particular about what they are wearing, be it summers or winters. You can buy yourself a letterman jacket for every season. Whether it is summers, winters, fall, or spring, you can get letterman jackets that is fit to wear in every weather.

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Why are letterman jackets for women still considered cool | 2018 latest trend in USA
  • Posted on May 9, 2018
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