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The Importance Of High School Varsity Jackets For Americans

The Importance Of High School Varsity Jackets For Americans

Jackets are outerwear that has caught the imagination of people since ages. Jackets have a special place in the hearts and minds of people all over the world, and Americans are not any different. One jacket that has ruled the roost especially for Americans who are in high school is varsity jackets, and there are valid reasons for the obsession.

But, the craze of varsity jacket is not limited to the students of the high school alone. These days’ varsity jackets are worn by not just the high school and college students, but also by all fashion conscious male and female irrespective of their ages and origin. Varsity jackets have a cult status among the Americans, and they love to flaunt it.

But, why are high school varsity jackets so popular? And, why is it important for the Americans.

To answer this question, we will have to dwell in the past of varsity jacket. And, this is what we will try to do in this blog.

Why is high school varsity jacket so important for the Americans?

The reason for the popularity of varsity jacket is because it has its roots firmly entrenched in the American culture. It has an emotional connect with the Americans.

World over, the varsity jackets have become inseparable from American athletes in the high school, and this is not for nothing. It is a matter of pride for any American high school sportsperson to wear a varsity jacket and represent his or her institution. After all, it was the Harvard University, one of the most prestigious institutions in the world that gave birth to the varsity jacket in the mid-19th century.

The students at the Harvard University thought of honoring their star performers during a baseball match in 1865. The enterprising students came up with the idea of sewing the letter ‘H’ on the back side of the university jersey. The embroidered jersey, known as Letterman then, were handed over to each participant of the team, but not everyone was allowed to retain it. Players who participated in the vital games the whole year round were allowed to retain the jerseys, and the rest were forced to return it as the iconic uniform was only for the deserving athletes.

A decade later the university’s football team replicated the same design on their uniforms. Here again, the jersey was given to the deserving athletes, and those who did not participate in the important games had to return it.

Hence, wearing a varsity jacket for your high school, college, or university has always been considered a matter of pride by the student community in the United States of America.

Evolution of varsity jacket

By 1891, the baseball team of the Harvard University regularly started to wear the letter ‘H’ on the left chest of their black sweaters. These jerseys were later known as letterman pullovers and cardigans.

Wearing a letterman jacket soon became a norm in the high schools as well. The first evidence is documented in a 1911 photograph where a student of Phoenix Union High School is seen wearing a sweater that has letter ‘P embroidered on the left chest.

The term varsity jacket was coined in the 1930s, which is now often used to refer to American high schools and colleges varsity teams.

The, rest as they say, is history. The style (read varsity jackets) became an instant hit and soon became popular among masses as well.

But, more than anyone else, students in the high school know the importance of a varsity jacket and value it because it is an honor to wear a school uniform.

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The Importance Of High School Varsity Jackets For Americans