The younger crowd of the United States of America knows what is good for them and things that are bad for their generation. They are very selective in what they eat and things that they have to wear. No wonder then that they choose their clothes with a lot of care. And, when it comes to letterman jackets, which have been in fashion for a pretty long time now, they know the kind of stuff they want.

The trend of wearing a letterman jacket was started by the stalwarts of the Harvard University, primarily to honor their sports heroes in the year 1865. In those days a lettered jacket was worn by the students of high schools and colleges who represented their respective teams, and others who achieved success in the field of sports and/ or academics. The fashion later caught up with others on the streets, and now letterman jackets are a rage in the country.

But, the billion dollar question is, from where can you get a Letterman jacket that is custom designed, top in quality and exactly the way you have always envisioned it.

Welcome to the world of Caliber Apparels. We are a letterman manufacturing unit having plenty of experience of delivering top quality letterman jackets to various high schools, colleges and universities, clubs, as well as individuals across the country. Our satisfied customers are testimony to the fact that we have constantly proved ourselves and lived up to their expectations.

We have state of the art manufacturing facility, expert designers, and above all the desire to deliver top quality letterman jackets to all our clients. With Caliber Apparels, you get the option to custom design your letterman jacket to the last thread. Alternatively, you can also take suggestions from our professional designers, who are waiting to serve you in making your jacket look out of this world. Also, our pricing is such that it does not pinch you whether you are buying from us in bulk, or you are taking one for yourself.

If letterman jackets are what you are planning to buy, in bulk or otherwise, just get in touch with us now.

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