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Custom Varsity Jackets – Be Your Own Master

Custom Varsity Jackets – Be Your Own Master

If clothes are what you love and fashion intrigues you read on.
Varsity jackets are high on the fashion list of not just the Americans, but it is also loved dearly the world over. Invented in the mid-60s of the 19th century by the Harvard University students, varsity jackets have come a long way since then, becoming one of the most popular outerwear in the U.S.
A coveted possession of outstanding athletes back then, varsity jackets have now transformed in to a dress of choice for most Americans.
Also, many organizations these days hand over varsity jackets to the employees in recognition of their hard work.
But, there is nothing like designing your own varsity.

Customizing your varsity jacket the way you want them

How many times has it happened to you that after purchasing your favorite jeans, or a t-shirt you think of changing its look and appearance according to your taste? Oftentimes, if not always. But, when it comes to a varsity jacket, if given a chance you would always want to design it yourself.
Don’t worry, you now have the option of customizing your varsity jacket exactly the way you would want to wear them. But, becoming a pro in just a jiffy could spoil the fun till the time you are well versed with the benefits of customizing your own varsity.

The advantages of customizing your varsity

  • 1. The biggest advantage of customizing your own jacket is to get a unique style, a varsity that is totally different from others. Or, you can also try out the celebrity design – make it exactly the way you saw your favorite star sport it in a movie.
  • 2. Another big advantage when you get your varsity customized is the kind of fitting you want – you can order the size you desire. There is no compulsion that you have to buy only from the sizes that are available in the market – customized varsity is made to order. From top to the bottom and this end to the other side, you get what you demand.
  • 3. You also have the leeway to select your own color combination, anything that you think would work wonders for you. Of course, when you buy a standard varsity jacket you cannot change anything that is on offer.
  • 4. Moreover, you have the advantage of selecting the material of the varsity jacket. From leather to boiled wool and suede to cotton, you can order the body and sleeve the way you want it to be. You can’t do this if you are buying a readymade varsity.
  • 5. You can also select the pattern and color of the rib knit.
  • 6. Over and above this, you have the option to choose your own logo, emblem, or numbers, which you would want to display on your varsity jacket. You can also have your name on it if you so desire.

At Caliber Apparels we give our customers the option to customize their varsity jacket as they want to wear them to look different.
Whether you want a single varsity, or you want to place the order in bulk, we at Caliber Apparels have the infra to meet your requirement without compromising on the quality, and at prices that matches the best in the industry.

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