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The Varsity Jacket – Tracking Its History

The Varsity Jacket – Tracking Its History

Fashion fades, only style remains the same – French designer Coco Chanel got it spot on.

The varsity jackets have an iconic status in the United States cultural landscape. Even after over 150 years of its existence, varsity jackets still remain the dress of choice (outerwear) for most American men and women. This proves the point beyond doubt that these jackets are a style statement and not a fashion which would fade away any time soon.

Early days….

The varsity jacket has a strong connection with sports and academia in the United States. And, there are reasons why Americans take pride in wearing them. Let’s dive into the history of these jackets to understand its relevance.
Their history dates back to 1865 when for the first time students at the University of Harvard decided to wear something different for a baseball match. One fine day baseball team of the Harvard University decided to sew a big “H” on the center of their uniform, thus giving birth to the Letterman or a lettered jacket. They thought of sewing a letter on their team uniform primarily to bring the spot light on their star performers. Though it looked quite different at the time of invention, a thick knitted sweater, it didn’t even look like a jacket at first glance.
Letterman jacket was a prized possession of only the best of players. The not so good players had to return their jackets at the end of the season. After a decade the Harvard football team embraced the lettered jacket once again, which over time was replicated by other schools and squads across the country. Each team made a few changes to the style here and there, but the letter remained on the jersey never-the-less. Some changed the size of the letters, while others displaced its position. And, by the turn of the 20th century the letter found its final destination on the side of the jacket.

Early 1930s….The varsity Jacket is born….

Years rolled on, and in the early thirties after the successful association of athletes with the Letterman sweater/ cardigan grew in stature, people started looking for a more viable option. And, this is the period when the varsity jacket came into being.
Body of the varsity jacket consisted of wool, sleeves were made of contrasting leather, and, not to forget, the prestigious letter, which was put on one side. And, in no time these jackets became the most prized and coveted possession in schools across the country, with each student vying for the varsity.

And later….

The varsity jacket became a hit instantly and made its way into the market for mass consumption. From the Ivy League to the hip-hop group and champions to a commoner on the street, varsity jacket became a rage not just in America, but also the world over. Fans were seen wearing the jacket all around the stadium for not only the baseball game, but also for the football and basketball matches.

And now….

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  • Posted on June 1, 2017
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