About Us

Just click few buttons and your letterman jacket design is ready. Customize your varsity jacket to your exact specifications by choosing own your style - fabric and colors in just a few easy steps using our online builder.


We always give our best to all our trades and importer without doing any compromise with style and the material of our letterman varsity jackets. We are directly associated with school and colleges and making jackets for their students.


If you are an individual then also you can opt for a customized varsity jackets instead. Obviously, you can personalize the Letterman varsity jacket based on your style preferences and other requirements. You can also save money because customized varsity apparel is cheap. So how about the quality? We can ensure that your jacket is stylish, durable and comfortable for years to come.


For the corporate groups, associations or sports team we have many special discounts these are depend on their order size and quantity. Always you will find the cheapest price from other brands or manufacturers. So pick up the phone, and order now also you can send mail about your size and quantity.


Why you choose Design My Jacket?


Always cheaper

If you really need personalized varsity jackets. You don’t need a big budget to make it happen. Our customization services for varsity apparel like letterman jackets are always affordable. Even our patches either chenille or embroidery are cheaper.


Quality is not compromised or sacrificed at all


You know that our personalized varsity jackets are cheaper; we always maintain the quality of your jackets. No compromise with the quality. We only use top quality materials to produce varsity apparel like wool, leather, vinyl and patches or. From the fabric all the way to embroideries, we search for the best materials to make your jacket efficient through the years. With personalized varsity jackets, quality is not compromised or sacrificed at all.


Experts in the industry

Unlike the competition, we are true professionals in making jackets. More than 10 years of global experience providing cheap but high quality varsity apparel. We know exactly how to manufacture personalized clothing according to your needs. Our skills and dedication are unmatched in this industry.


Direct manufacturer

Our services are unparalleled because we are able to maintain the best quality of customized garments all the time. We are a direct manufacturer of personalized garments with the capacity of making more than 6000 per month. We keep an eye on every procedure or step of your order. From creating the design to placing the logo or text, we have best machines and craftsman for make them. We don’t pass your order to another manufacturing company to place the zippers, embroideries, etc .We have sufficient expert staff for entire production without any help from others. Many other manufacturers can provide cheap varsity jackets. But are their affordable customization services can not satisfy your needs.

For More Details you can ask at info@designmyjacket.com